Sep 1, 2016

ECHO Chainsaw Review

ECHO Chain-Saw

Echo was founded in 1972 and has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of hand-held power equipment. Echo chainsaws are manufactured to provide durability, balance, control, and precision.

This company has built a reputation with professional workers for its great performance and quality that has made it one of the best in its class of heavy-duty chainsaws. As many experts say Stihl Chainsaw is best, but here we explain why should go for Echo.

The Echo CS 5000 is professional chainsaw that runs at a higher rpm than others in its class. It is also built to last a long time and is designed to use fuel efficiently. This Echo chainsaw is equipped with a 49.3-cc engine that comes with the Step Advance Ignition System.

This ignition system, combined with semi-automatic decompression, will allow for easy starts without any hassle. This product is lightweight at only 11.24 pounds but is still able to deliver massive amounts of power to the chainsaw.

Here Check How to Start a Echo Chain-Saw:

Vibration reduction technology makes an Echo chainsaw very comfortable to work with. This feature comes standard only with the top of the line Echo products such as the CS 5000.

All Echo chainsaws come with a limited 5-year consumer warranty. In addition, this power tool also comes with a 1-year commercial warranty in the case that you experience technical malfunctions with your Echo chainsaw.