Sep 8, 2016

How to Build a set of Decking Stairs

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Decking Stair

Build a set of Decking Stairs is an easy task. What does need an expert to do it? Follow our easy guide "How to Build a set of Decking Stairs" and build your Decking Stairs easily. You will need some tools. What are listed below:

Tools Needed 

1. Circular Saw
2. Hammer, Handsaw
3. Measuring Tapes
4. Framing Combination Squares 

Materials Needed 

1. Angle Irons
2. Nails, Screws
3. Levels
4. Bolts
5. Pencils 

Estimating the Stairs Position 

Measure the height of the stairs, we will work on the basis that all threads are ten inches wide and seven inches apart, (Ratio of 7:10). With these figures, divide the height of the stairs (in inches) by seven.

The number you will get is a number of threads you will require, multiply this number by ten, and you have an estimate of your total stairs distance. For an example, if the stairs had a rise of seventy: 70 inches divided by 7 = 10, 10 x 10 inches = 100 inches. It will need to  Build a set of Decking Stairs.

Preparing the Ground 

Ensure that the ground where the stairs will be situated is level, (you can lay gravel underneath if you have a problem with drainage)

Building the Steps 

Pour your foundation to the designated area. You may also add a kicker plate however, this is optional (A kicker plate is a board attached to the foundation with bolts or concrete nails; the bottom of the stairs can be attached to it). Now to create your stringers, begin by marking the previously calculated dimensions of the step onto the short arm of a framing square; then place the framing square to the board with this mark on the outside edge of the board.

Firmly hold the square into place and slide it up and down until the width on the long arm of the square is on edge of board. Outline around the edge of the framing square this will create a shape similar to A V, continue to do this until you have a zigzag shape from the continuous v shapes. Cut along the outline you have made using a circular saw/hand saw.

Once you have your first stringer, you will begin crafting your second one by using the very same process while maintaining the same alignment. After you have both of your stringers, attach the top to an exposed joint with bolts, and attach the bottom of the stringer to your kicker plate using angle irons.

Once completed, cut your risers and treads to the desired width of your stairway, leaving around a maximum of an inch overhang on each side. Then screw or nail your risers into place, add your treads, and fasten the bottom edges of the risers to the backs of the threads.


Final Checking

Here we listed How to Build a set of Decking Stairs. After doing this step by step properly you need to check over all  carefully.