Sep 7, 2016

How To Build Barbecue

How to build a barbecue_topnotchreview

Today Top Notch Review writes about building a BBQ with easy steps. Step by Step Process are written below:

# Gather Tools

  1. Spirit Level
  2. Bucket
  3. A Trowel.

# Collect Materials

  1. Bricks
  2. Sand
  3. Cement
  4. A Barbecue.

# Marking the Position

Lay the first level of bricks to mark the position of the Barbecue, use a cooking tray as a guide for the Barbecue spot. Try to avoid cutting bricks if possible.

# Mixing the Mortar

Mix sand and cement on a 5:1 ratio, gradually add water to create a stiff consistency, add extra mortar if required to compensate for level ground.

# Laying the Mortar

Using a spirit level, mark the outer edge of the Barbecue in cement. This will provide a straight guideline for laying the bricks. When you lay the bricks, check the level once again.

# Laying the Bricks

Start laying the layers of bricks starting in the corners, continue to use a spirit level to ensure your wall remains level. The wall should finish on seven layers of bricks.

Easy way to build BBQ_TopNotchReview

# Give Some Finishing Touches

You can now add your Barbecue grill, this process can be completed in various ways dependent on individual preference in design.